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Calcium-Magnesium booster for highly debilitating plants

When the rate of photosynthesis in plants increasingly declines and their leaves begin to turn yellow prematurely, it is time to act quickly.

Organic CalMag has been designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of highly consumptive plants in plant breeding. This means that Organic CalMag specifically prevents calcium and magnesium deficiencies especially in the increasingly frequent indoor cultivation of plants under LED lights; with many automatically flowering varieties; when the growing medium coco or airpot is used; or with prolonged acidic pH-values of below 6.0. In addition, if deficiency symptoms are already developing, they can be quickly and effectively counteracted with 1-2 applications.

Organic CalMag is also ideal for preventive application in all other cultivation media or cultivation systems for the purpose of generally increasing yield. In this case, however, the reactions of the plants must be taken into consideration after each application and the application reduced or completely discontinued if necessary. In these situations, Organic CalMag should always be used with the appropriate caution and attention.

We only use naturally occurring raw materials for our CalMag fertilizer. Organic CalMag contains not only the nutrients calcium and magnesium, as the name suggests, but also a wide range of other raw materials and their beneficial secondary components.


Recommendations of official advisory centers have precedence.

Shake well before every use!

Organic CalMag can be used either regularly with all other necessary plant aids and fertilizers with every second watering procedure or, in the case of imminent or acute deficiency symptoms, in increased short-term dosages.

For regular watering in the nutrient solution:

  • 2 ml per 1 liter of water Water the plants additionally with Organic CalMag with every second watering procedure, if necessary.

In the case of emerging deficiency symptoms:

  • 5 ml per 1 liter of water - The plants should only be watered once or twice with Organic CalMag, after which the deficiency symptoms should go away again.


An optimally adjusted pH-value of the nutrient solution of 5.8-6.5 guarantees a constant absorption capability for all nutrients necessary for the plants in the flowering phase. For optimal results, we recommend you follow our feeding charts and our nutrient-availability table.

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