SOLUX - LEC 630W žarulja

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Solux D.E. PRO LEC 630W for the new LEC lighting line for indoor cultivation, which offer us greater protection, withstand higher voltages and longer life.

These Solux bulbs have double wrap or double glazing, which is a safety system that offers greater protection to the bulb and also reduces direct heat emission to the plants. Undoubtedly, this type of lighting has come to replace the HPS and HM lamps in the short term.

LEC growth lights are similar to a metal halide (MH), but instead of using quartz they use a ceramic arc tube, very similar to what is used in sodium vapor growth (HPS) lights. That is why they are often called "ceramic metal halides". The great advantages are that they emit a more natural color, produce more light per watt and last longer.

Ceramic metal halide (CMH) lights produce UV-B rays like the sun, which contributes to the growth of trichomes and terpenes in marijuana buds, in addition to producing a natural spectrum of light that allows plants to see full color, unlike LEDs or HPS that distort color.

They are available in four different color temperatures (3000, 3100, 4200 and 10000 K):

3000K: Flowering, increases far red, which stimulates flowering
3100K: Mixed, which is for both phases of growth and flowering, although it really is a light bulb for fast flowering plants, since there is an increase in red ranges.
4200K: Mixed, for later plants, long cycle (sativas).
10000K: Maturation, lamp to promote resin production.


Type: LEC
Amperage: 3rd
Power: 630W
Start lumens: 72,000 + UV + IR
Lifetime: 12,000hr
Lifetime in culture: 3800hr change every 5 crops.
Color temperature: 3000K / 3100K / 4200K / 10000K
Time needed for full startup: 4 minutes.
Working position: Horizontal or vertical.
Cap: DE
Dimensions: ø3.25x38.8 cm

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