Ventilator HighPro ProFan +

175,00 kn


Garden HighPro ProFan+ – Oscillating 25cm Clip On Fan

This fan is strong, durable, and long lasting! This Garden HighPro fan will circulate air in multiple directions with its oscillating function. Quick and easy to set at any height desired using either the secure clip provided or the sturdy clasp provided. Not only this, this product is low energy and has a 20w AC engine. It also has a 360 degree rotating grid to provide greater air distribution!

It is important in a grow room to have mixed air in order to achieve even results. By not mixing air plants can experience different environmental stresses which can change your overall result. Many growers like using CO2. However, if you do not use an air mover when using CO2 the plants will not have the equal amount needed to thrive.

Benefits of the Garden HighPro ProFan+:

    90 degree rotating base and 360 degree rotating grid.
    10 inch.
    Includes 2 speed settings.
    Low on energy.
    Copper engine making it much more robust.
    Long life span.
    Includes 2 fixing supports.

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Voltage: 220-240v

Power: 20w

Diameter: 25cm

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Speed: 2 speeds + stop

Fixing systems: adaptable to tubes up to 3cm diameter.

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