CO2 booster bucket

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What is CO2 Bucket?
The CO2 Bucket is a fully organic carbon dioxide (CO2) generating concept that will help growers to improve the yield of plants. The natural processes that occur in the CO2 Bucket produce CO2 for your plants to use for bio-mass creation. With the help of fungi and bacteria, the CO2 Bucket produces enough CO2 to optimize your plants' growth. These natural CO2 producing processes will last for 65 days, during which it will actively emit CO2. 

Why use CO2 Bucket?
The use of the CO2 Bucket ensures that the ambient CO2 level in your grow room reaches an appropriate level and stays there. Using CO2 generating concepts in your grow room pushes your plants to the next level. The presence of CO2 in the air enables the plants to absorb high amounts of nutrients, which will make your plants stronger and healthier. As opposed to some other CO2 producing concepts, the CO2 Bucket does not use dangerous chemical substances in its processes. Being 100 percent natural, the contents of the CO2 bucket can be used as a soil amendment after its primary use. The content will enhance the ecosystem by stimulating the micro biological life in the soil.

How to use CO2 Bucket?
The CO2 Bucket is easy to apply. To use the CO2 Bucket in your grow room hang the bucket next to your lamp and power up the attached air pump. One should use the CO2 Bucket during the time that the lights are switched on. So the air pump should be switched on at the same time as lamps. This is because plants only use CO2 during the day, and not during the night. The warmth of the lamp will activate the microbiological life in the bucket, thereby increasing the CO2 output during this period.
Beware that plants will need to absorb more water to make use of the extra CO2 in the air. You should therefore make sure that enough water and nutrients are provided. If not provided, the extra CO2 in the air will have adverse effects.

What is the role of CO2 in plant growth?
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the fundament of all life on planet Earth and is found in trace amounts (400 ppm) in the air. CO2 is one of the two raw materials that are required by plants for photosynthesis. CO2 and water are the two buildings blocks of plants. In photosynthesis CO2 and water are consumed to produce sugars from which other organic compounds can be constructed. The more of these two building blocks plants absorb, the more biomass they accumulate. Consequently, the more CO2 present in the air, the better the plants' growth.

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