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Lowers the pH-level fast and effectively

Out of respect for mother nature: organic pH correction in powder form

With pH- Powder:

  • pH-level is corrected quickly
  • nutrient lockout is prevented
  • plants are provided with extra nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, magnesia, sulfur, and high-quality silicates

More advantages of pH- Powder:

  • applied regularly, it prevents signs of nutrient deficiency before they occur
  • easy to use – can be fed at the same dosage during the entire life cycle
  • it is 100 % organically obtained and makes the use of hazardous acids unnecessary
  • not harmful, because it is in powder form

This information serves as a benchmark only, as starting pH-levels vary a lot depending on your region

  • mix all nutrients and supplements, then measure the pH-level
  • about a teaspoon (1-2 grams) should be enough for 5-10 liters of nutrient solution; stir well and measure pH-level anew; this is optimal between 5.8-6.5 pH
  • if the pH level is still too high, add more powder; if it gets too low, add more water to dilute the concentration.

pH- Powder is available in these sizes:

  • 100 g zip bag
  • 250 g bucket
  • 1,000 g bucket
  • 5,000 g bucket
  • 10,000 g bucket

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