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Plant aid for a faster and better root development

Ideal as a regular application for young plants until the beginning of flowering

With More Roots:

  • auxin production in the root hair is increased by 150-300 %, enhancing root development considerably
  • nutrient uptake and vitality of plants is higher due to the improved root development
  • plants are less vulnerable to pests like spider mites and aphids thanks to the naturally obtained essential oils
  • the contained essential oils have an immunizing effect and protect your plants against diseases like powdery mildew, mold, or damping off

More Roots offers many advantages:

  • leads to clearly faster and superior rooting
  • reduces the risk of stunted growth due to low temperatures

More Roots is applied together with your nutrients and supplements regularly during the entire growing phase until bud sites start to show.

For watering use:

  • 2-5 ml per 1 liter of water Feed the plants regularly with every watering. When bud sites appear, we recommend substituting Big Fruits for More Roots for maximum bud production. More Roots can be blended with any other nutrients or supplement and benefits any growing media.

More Roots is available in the following sizes:

  • 250 ml bottle
  • 500 ml bottle
  • 1 L bottle
  • 5 L canister
  • 10 L canister

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