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Phosphorus-Potassium fertilizer for compact flowering

Organic More PK is an N-P-K flowering fertilizer meant to support the effectiveness of the main fertilizer to achieve even better results.
High amounts of phosphorus and potassium are what the plants need during the last weeks of flowering to form strong and compact buds. Organic More PK provides these key nutrients in abundance and sets a new standard in organic cultivation thanks to its 100 % organic formula.
Finally, organic fertilizing is possible without using chemical PK boosters.

Other advantages of Organic More PK

  • high amounts of P and K make for better flowering; you will see the difference – even in the lower branches
  • 100 % vegan – contains no animal excrements

Organic More PK should be used in the last weeks of flowering together with Organic Bloom Liquid as flower booster. It can also be used without the use of our basic fertilizers for a 100 % vegan fertilization, but in the first two weeks of flowering should be stopped completely with the application in this phase, because otherwise the plants can stretch up to much. A too previous repotting makes an early fertilization in the first days unnecessary anyway.

Recommendations of official advisory centers have precedence.
Shake well before every use! (when not in use, shake every 2 weeks)
A thin layer can be visible at the bottom and is easily dissolved by shaking. This is no loss of quality, but comes from using the highest concentration possible.

For watering as a nutrient solution:

  • 2-5 ml per 1 liter of water (in soil, apply with every second watering)

Please always observe the following after each fertilization:
When leaves turn a dark green color, reduce amount of fertilizer by 30%.
If leaves turn a lighter green, increase fertilizer until leaves regain their normal color, and continue with that amount of fertilizer.

Organic More PK is available in the following sizes:

  • 250 ml bottle
  • 500 ml bottle
  • 1 L bottle
  • 5 L canister
  • 10 L canister

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