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Clearing solution for rinsing out nutrients fast and thoroughly

Ideal application for the last week(s) of flowering!

With Clean Fruits:

  • all unwanted nutrients are rinsed from the growing media fast and thoroughly from the first application on
  • your fruits are able to develop a far better taste thanks to a well-flushed growing media
  • desalination of the media and the plants guarantees a mild taste with no trace of fertilizer, as is often witnessed with commercially grown fruits.

Clean Fruits offers many advantages:

  • having to use enzymes or chemical desalination products to flush your growing media has finally become a thing of the past
  • can be used as a replacement for enzymes during the entire life cycle
  • signs of nutrient burns are treated fast and effectively
  • the substrate can be reused directly after preparation

Clean Fruits can be applied for:

Flushing during the last week(s) of flowering:

  • 5ml per 1 liter of water Increase the volume of your growing medium threefold and flush the plants with this amount of Clean Fruits solution. When the plants have lost their color to about 50%, a further application is not necessary.

Curing toxic nutrient conditions:

  • 5ml per 1 liter of water Keep on flushing the plants with Clean Fruits until their natural color comes back.

Clean Fruits is available in the following sizes:

  • 250 ml bottle    
  • 500 ml bottle
  • 1 l bottle
  • 5 l canister
  • 10 l canister

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