Daisy - univerzalni okomiti reflektor

390,00 kn


The Daisy reflector from Secret Jardin is a lightweight, highly reflective parabolic shade that is really easy to assemble.

From opening the box to plugging it in, takes just five minutes, saving you vast amounts of time compared to traditional metal constructed Parabolic reflectors. No more cuts from sharp edges or losing nuts and bolts while trying to assemble this product as it is manufactured from flexible, highly reflective Mylar.

What’s more, the Daisy is just as easy to dismantle and move to another location due to its simple lightweight construction.

The Daisy Parabolic reflector is available in two sizes:

  • 60cm diameter with an E40 lamp holder (Maximum Lamp 750W)
  • 100cm diameter with an E40 lamp holder (Maximum Lamp 750W)

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